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Blaenavon Ironworks

Blaenavon Ironworks

Blaenavon Ironworks, the setting of the award-winning BBC television series Coal House, is the most significant feature within the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape. The ironworks, which commenced production in 1789, is the best-preserved blast furnace complex of its period and type in the world and is one of the most important monuments to have survived from the early part of the industrial revolution. Blaenavon Ironworks is historically significant as during the early nineteenth century the ironworks was one of the most important producers of iron in the world.

Today you can view the extensive remains of the blast furnaces, the cast houses and the impressively restored Water Balance Tower. Through exhibitions, advanced interpretation features and reconstructions, you can learn about the international significance of the iron industry and the scientific processes involved in the production of iron. A fascinating insight into the social history of industrial Britain can be gained by glimpsing into the past at the reconstructed company shop and the refurbished workers’ cottages, at Stack Square and Engine Row.

Managed by Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments, the site has been carefully restored and now, offering free admission, the Blaenavon Ironworks is receiving record visitor numbers.